Battletoads – funny, frantic and entertaining, but short

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Released by Rare in 1991, Battletoads was one of the most charismatic preteen games in the gaming industry. Irreverent, entertaining and in his 90s, he went down in history above all for his impossible motorcycle missions, the Dark Souls of the time. The remake, part sequel, part remake, and part reboot takes the three main frogs and brings them to the current generation.

The game, in general, takes place in a world of two and a half dimensions in which you have to advance with your fist, as in the original. And, also as in its predecessors, it combines these missions with other more platforms and without bumps or the mythical frenetic motorcycle races (which in this installment change the perspective). There are other nods to various genres that, although they are very entertaining, can be tiresome : here we are to spread out .

What Battletoads does at best is to link these events and practically any narrative element with ease and a sense of humor. It’s not that he’s not afraid to knock down the fourth wall, it’s that he does it so often and so successfully that there is no point in rebuilding it.

The story itself is just one more Macguffin , but again, this is well handled by a script that doesn’t take anything seriously; much less himself. It is possible to laugh – not smile, not exhale through the nose, laugh – with some of the absurdities or absurd humor that permeate everything and this is not so common in the sector. Where other games confuse humor with fart jokes, Battletoads is able to tiptoe in for the metaphysical (and once inside, the rings don’t fall off if it has to resort to flatulence).

The controls and movements are varied, although it only takes a couple of levels to master. From the first fights in which nothing is understood to the 350 hit combos with jumps, licks, immobilizing gum and dodging as if we were in the Matrix there is a short walk through a not very steep difficulty curve … In the simplest modes .

While Battletoads is more accessible when it comes to difficulty (checkpoints help too), those looking for an extreme and nostalgically frustrating experience can level up the first and disable the seconds.

Visually, it combines colorful and well-cared characters with darker and muted backgrounds that could be perfectly interchangeable with those of any other game in the genre. Except for small details and animations with some personality, they lack that point that the protagonists do have and to some extent some enemies that could be perfectly taken from Dexter’s laboratory (the genius boy and inventor, not the murderer who works with the police) .

The main drawback that can be put to Battletoads is that it does not have online multiplayer and this is a shame, because headed as it seems that we are to a new confinement would have been a great option to spend a few hours.

The other big problem is precisely these hours: the title itself is very short. Between the difficulty, the collectibles and the possibility of using and mastering all the characters, it achieves a certain replayability that is accentuated in company. If we don’t have someone to play with at home, it loses some of the fun.

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