Back to school: these are the computers your child needs to study

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A few days before the return to the classrooms in the different autonomous communities begins, the form that this return will take is not entirely clear. If the current Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that, with face-to-face education in question, computers and tablets have become indispensable tools so that the little ones can continue with their learning in the best possible way.

Buying a new computer and a new tablet is not always an easy task . The price range is very varied and the equipment that we must buy will depend largely on the use that is going to be made of it.

Spending 1,000 euros on a laptop so that a child can follow classes online makes as much sense as buying a Ferrari and using it only to go to the corner mall: it will work wonderfully but it is wasted money. However, if we want to buy a computer that can also be used to play, we must realize that we will have to loosen a good amount of money .

It is possible to buy a computer or a tablet to study spending little more than 100 euros . However, if we want to buy top-of-the-range products, we can easily get more than 1000 euros . In most cases it will be a significant outlay and we must bear in mind that we have to choose a product according to our needs. Therefore, below we show you a guide by parts with everything you must take into account before launching to buy .

Luckily for parents’ pockets, the computers necessary for studying are cheap since the academic activities to be carried out with them require few resources and programs.

In short: any computer that has an Internet connection, a webcam, and on which an Office package (or equivalent) can be installed would serve this purpose.

However, if the teams are very tight on resources, the computers may “crash” and this could cause some frustration when the little ones follow the lessons or do their homework from home.

Therefore, it is advisable that the computers they use have at least an i3 processor and 4 GB of Ram memory . From there, there shouldn’t be any big problems, as long as they don’t have to carry out more power-demanding duties on equipment like editing videos.

Regarding the size of the screen , it should be as large as possible and that it has the highest possible resolution .

However, this also poses certain drawbacks since a larger laptop will have a larger (and more comfortable) keyboard and screen but, on the other hand, these will be heavier and more uncomfortable to transport if one day you have to take them to school or do some group work.

A computer with these characteristics should cost between 200 (going in a hurry) and 400 euros .

Next, we show you three candidates to consider.

For the tightest budgets, this Prixton laptop for 200 euros fulfills its perfectly as a computer to study and work.
For those who want to scratch their pocket a little more, this 349 euro laptop is an excellent option that will last us for years and years.
Finally, this HP laptop lowered to 329 euros is a safe bet for work or study.
Although laptops have an integrated keyboard and trackpad, it never hurts to buy a mouse and (to a lesser extent) a keyboard for ergonomics . Especially if you are going to use them for several hours in a row and on a recurring basis.

The same happens with screens. Ideally, the screen should be at eye level . Therefore, if you are going to use the computer for a long time. It is advisable to buy an additional screen or a stand on which to place the laptop to have a comfortable position during study and work hours.

This pack reduced to 38.24 euros is to take into account . Includes mouse, keyboard, headphones and mouse pad. Although they have strident colors and are peripherals for gaming, they are very comfortable to study and work since this type of peripherals have a very ergonomic design designed to spend hours and hours in front of a screen.
If we are looking for more sober peripherals, this mouse and keyboard pack from the historic Logitech reduced to 17 euros is an excellent combination.
If you want to buy a screen, you have this Lenovo monitor for 79.99 euros , which is a real bargain.
If you want to buy a lectern to place the laptop screen at eye level. This model for 17 euros is an excellent option.
In the event that our children are going to use the laptop to play as well as to study, we must bear in mind that they will have to scratch their pockets .

Gaming laptops are expensive and very heavy. They are not practical to move them daily but they will be computers that will have more years of useful life since they have a better processor, more RAM and more internal memory.

Therefore, we must bear in mind that, except for bargains, the amount to be paid will be in the vicinity of 1,000 euros .

Here are a couple of examples of computers that you can take into account for this purpose.

A good candidate for its value for money is this Medion gaming laptop for reduced to 778 euros.
As the top of the range we could also buy this Asus brand gaming laptop for 1,1990 euros .
The desktop computers with which our children can play and study are somewhat cheaper than a laptop with similar characteristics . In addition, they are easier to modify , in case at some point we want to add RAM or mount a better graphics card.

The counterpoint to choosing a desktop computer is that we must spend the money to buy a mouse, keyboard, and screen .

One of the points in favor of this choice is that, if we choose a powerful computer, the computer will serve our son for many years and he will be able to enjoy it (in addition to using it for work) for what it will be an excellent gift or prize.

Here are a couple of examples of desktop computers for study and play .

A great candidate is this desktop computer for 639 euros that has 1TB of internal memory, 16 GB ram memory and a good graphics card. In addition, it offers different configurations.
For the tightest budgets, this pack that costs 485 euros and that includes a gaming tower with 8GB of ram (which can be expanded), mouse, keyboard and screen.
This other pack for 749 euros is also interesting . It includes a tower (16GB of ram, powerful graphics, and 1000GB of hard disk memory), a mouse, a keyboard, and a 24-inch screen. It also offers other possible configurations.

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