Fortnite from the App Store

Apple removes Fortnite from the App Store

Fortnite , the game’s most successful in recent years, can no longerdownloaded from the App Store from Apple . The North American giant has withdrawn this popular application for violating the rules of its online store after Epic Games , the company responsible for the game, implemented an alternative payment system on Thursday that allowed in-game purchases to be made at a lower price and without the intermediation of the iPhone manufacturer.

In response to the removal of Fortnite from Apple’s online store, the American Epic Games has announced legal action “to end Apple’s anti-competitive restrictions on the mobile device market.”

The origin of the conflict between the two companies comes from the fact that Apple, like Google Play and other large online application stores, keeps a 30% commission from each purchase made on its platform. For years, software development companies have been denouncing this high rate, including Epic Games itself, which had previously had problems with Google for the same reason .

Fortnite has been the video game with the highest income for two consecutive years
Fortnite has been the video game with the highest income for two consecutive years (Epic Games)
“Epic Games has enabled a feature in its application that was not reviewed or approved by Apple, and has done so with the express intention of violating the rules of the App Store regarding in-app purchases and that affects any developer who sells digital goods or services, “Apple said in a statement. “We will do our best to work with Epic to fix these violations so that Fortnite can be available again on the App Store.”

For its part, Epic Games, has gone beyond the lawsuit filed before the California courts. The company led by Tim Sweeney, and among whose shareholders the Chinese entertainment giant Tencent stands out , has launched a viral campaign criticizing Apple . Those users who have played Fortnite in the last hours have witnessed an in-game video in which Epic Games parodies the famous 1984 television advertisement with which Apple denounced the monopolistic practices of IBM during the first half of the eighties.

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