Apple plans to launch the iPhone 12 in mid-October

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Apple , like the rest of technology, has been working for months so that its next launches are not affected by the Covid-19 pandemic . However, technology has already been forced to delay the presentation of its new family of “smartphones”, the presumable iPhone 12 . During the last weeks it has been rumored that the devices of the apple firm will begin to reach the market in a phased manner . Now, the technological journalist and well-known leaker Jon Prosser has announced, through his Twitter account, that finally those who want to acquire an iPhone will have to wait, at least, until October 19 .

Prosser points out that the date of presentation of the high-end devices, the famous Keynote , will take place this year exactly one month later than usual: October 12 . It also points out that two different iPhone 12 models, specifically, the most basic, can be reserved from that same date, but that they will not begin to be shipped until the 19th.

Those who want to acquire one of the two most competent “smartphones” of the family – the presumable iPhone 12 Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max – will have to wait until November . According to Prosser, the reserves would be available from that month. However, the exact date is not specified .

Let us also remember that, according to “Business Insider” this week, Apple is thinking in early 2021 of an iPhone 12 that, unlike its older brothers, will have exclusively 4G connectivity . Since the beginning of the year, many leaks suggested that the new family of “smartphones” from Cupertino would be the first of the brand to be compatible with 5G connection . However, it was expected that each one would be accompanied by a version that did not have this feature. Something that would lower the price of the device.

According to the media, the version with 4G connectivity is expected to hit the market in February . He also points out that its price, when it is available, will be about $ 800

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