Apple doesn’t want this startup to use a pear logo

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Little could I imagine the unexpected echo that a small startup promoting an app to prepare healthy food recipes would get. But not precisely because of a sudden interest in healthy life. The name Prepear has jumped to the headlines thanks or rather, because of its logo, the pear – shaped too reminiscent of the famous apple of Apple .

So they believe, at least, in the company based in Cup ertino . And for that reason they have opposed the trademark application filed by Prepear, considering that it closely resembles the Apple logo.

Prepear is an app and service that offers tips on preparing meals and for people to find new recipes to cook. The company is a spin-off of the Super Healthy Kids food blog .

The logo of this startup takes advantage of a play on words in English, since “ prepear ” sounds the same as “prepare” (prepare) and “ pear ” means “ Pear ”, so the logo has a certain reason for being.

According to the founders of Prepear, Apple “has opposed the trademark application for our small business requiring that we change our logo, obviously pear-shaped, which used to represent our brand in the recipe management and meal planning business.” .

In fact, Apple has opposed all those small businesses with fruit-related logos, even when they look nothing like the Apple logo, or are not in the same line of business. Many of those logos have finally been changed or abandoned, as most small businesses cannot afford the cost of fighting Apple.

Prepear has explained that he will not back down or be intimidated by the great tech giant. With a team of just five people, this company has already had to lay off a member due to the legal costs involved in the logo matter.

“It is a very scary experience to be legally attacked by one of the largest companies in the world, even when clearly we have not done anything wrong and we understand why most companies simply give up and change their logos,” they explain from the company

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