Apple delays a new privacy feature that Facebook dislikes

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The battle between Apple and Epic, creator of Fortnite, for the conditions it imposes on the AppStore has only just begun but the apple company already has another storm looming on the horizon.

Facebook, and other developers with interests in the advertising market, are not happy with a new function of the IOS14 operating system, which will force apps to ask the user for explicit permission to be able to identify them and follow their activity if they want to offer personalized advertising.

The change greatly complicates the business model of Facebook, Google and other companies, since it blocks the use of unique identifiers that can be exchanged between different apps and websites, widely used today and with which profiles of tastes and habits are drawn up. consumption to improve the effectiveness of the advertising that is presented on screen.

Last week, Facebook announced that it would stop using these identifiers with the arrival of iOS14. As each app has to request the user’s permission, Facebook believes that many users will choose to block the information, considerably reducing the effectiveness of its promotional tools.

The social network estimates that advertising revenue could fall as much as 50% with this new system. “It is not a change that we want to make but unfortunately the update to iOS14 forces us to do it,” explained the company. In an internal meeting Zuckerberg, visibly upset, denounced the power that Apple has over third-party developers. “It blocks innovation and competition,” he told 50,000 of his employees who followed his speech by videoconference.

Now, Apple has decided to delay this controversial feature at least until 2021 . In a document published on the company’s website , Apple specifies that developers will not be required to implement it until next year, although they recommend doing it as soon as possible. “We are committed to the idea that users can choose whether or not to allow an application to track them,” explains the company.

The decision comes on the same day that Apple has launched an ambitious advertising campaign on the way in which its products protect personal data.

A video posted on YouTube and various social networks shows several people openly shouting private data as a way to make viewers aware of the amount of information that third-party apps and services are capable of knowing about them.

Although Facebook or Google are the main affected given their weight in the online advertising market, the decision also affects other companies. DMG Media, editor of the British newspaper Daily Mail, has acknowledged that the measure will make it much more difficult for the newspaper’s app to be profitable.

Apple has applied similar measures in its browser, Safari, for years and the result has been a substantial drop in the advertising revenue generated by these users compared to those who use other browsers.

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