Apple and Google remove Fortnite from their app stores

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Epic Games, creator of Fortnite, violated one of the conditions of the Apple store that they consider unfair: a 30% bite on each transaction, which has led to its elimination.

Apple has withdrawn the popular Fortnite game from the AppStore after the developer included its own payment system that offered users the same virtual objects at a lower price than it charged using Apple’s standard purchasing system.

Shortly after, Google, with whom Epic Games had already had a previous fight in which they ended up giving in, has also withdrawn the video game from its Android PlayStore .

The reason for the elimination of Fortnite is that Epic Games , the game’s developer company, had released an update to the game that allowed payments to be made avoiding the 30% commission that Apple imposes on all transactions carried out within the apps.

Epic Games considers that this rate, which is similar in other app distribution platforms such as the Google PlayStore, is unfair and has decided to file a lawsuit against Google and Apple for abuse of position in order to find an alternative and that both companies They are obliged, judgment by, to allow the installation of other third-party app stores on their iOS and Android operating systems, respectively.

To announce this demand, Epic Games has published a Fortnite trailer in which its characters imitate almost flat by shot the mythical Apple advertisement from 1984, although this time, instead of fighting against the dictatorship of IBM, it is Apple itself the one that represents the role of ‘Big Brother’.

Apple expressly prohibits within the rules of the AppStore that payments can be made by skipping that 30% commission . Today, Epic has made the unfortunate decision to violate the rules that apply equally to all developers and that are designed to safeguard the safety of users, “Apple explained in a statement.

Epic decided to include this alternative without prior notice. When going to buy the virtual currencies that can be used in the game to buy various outfits and accessories for the characters, the so-called V-Bucks , players were given the option to pay 9.99 euros for 1,000 V-Bucks using the payment mechanism of Apple or 7.99 euros making a direct payment to Epic through us web. This new system required the user to provide their payment and credit card details to Epic.

Apple’s decision comes at a difficult time for the company precisely because of the way it manages the AppStore. Apple is being investigated in Europe and the US for a possible abuse of a dominant position against third-party developers.

Apple allows apps to use third-party payment systems but only with severe restrictions that include the obligation not to show direct links in apps to payment gateways or external websites.


It is not the first time that the game developed company decides to go it alone, in any case. Fortnite was not available in the Google application store on Android precisely due to disagreements over the distribution of commissions. Finally, Epic gave his arm to twist and since last April it is possible to download Fortnite for Android in the Play Store .

After also including the option of direct payment bypassing Google, the search engine company has also vetoed the Fortnite app from its PlayStore until further notice.

On the Google platform, however, the ban was not so severe because users can install applications and games from third-party sources . The disappearance of the game from the AppStore, however, leaves iOS users with no alternative since it is not possible to install apps on iPhones or iPads in any other way.

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