Android 11 brings one-touch control of connected devices and unique permissions for apps

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Android 11 centralizes access to all smart devices in one touch

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Android 11 seeks to improve communication. For it,It has a specific space in the notifications section where the user can better manage the conversations they have in different applications or prioritize those of the most important contacts. With Bubbles , the user can now respond to important conversations without having to switch between what they are doing and the messaging application. And with the screen recording that incorporates the new version of the operating system, you can capture and share what happens on your phone, without having to resort to another application.

New ways to control devices
Android 11 centralizes access to all smart devices in one touch. By long pressing the power button, the user will be able to control all connected devices, such as the thermostat or a smart lock, without having to open multiple applications. The media controls have been redesigned to allow you to quickly switch the playback device, for example from headphones to speaker. Additionally, Android Auto will work wirelessly for all Android 11 phones as long as the vehicle is supported.

More control over data
With Android 11 comes the unique permissions, with which the user can authorize single-use access to the most sensitive functions, that is, microphone, camera and location. And in case you have not used an application for a long time, this new version of Android will automatically reset the permissions to prevent you from continuing to access data.

Google Play will send more security and privacy fixes to your phone with additional system update modules, similar to how it already does with app updates. This way, the user will receive the updates as soon as they are available. In addition, Android Enterprise users will be able to have the same privacy protections on their professional device as a personal device.

The work profile provides IT with the tools to manage a device without monitoring personal profile data or phone activity. Android 11 has already been released for some Pixel, OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO and realme phones. In the case of Pixel 2 or higher phones, this operating system also introduces additional tools, such as application suggestions based on your daily routines, new actions with which to select text and images, take a screenshot of an application, etc.

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