An app allows parents to measure their children’s exposure to coronavirus in the classroom

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In a week, school and institute classes start in some autonomous communities and the concern of parents is capital, due to the uncertainty and lack of measures that exist in many schools.

In order to make them a bit calm and help schools to offer greater security against COVID-19, the companies Enzyme Advising Group and SeniorDomo have developed the COwin-KIDS solution , a technological system aimed at managing the return to schools. classrooms offering a safe learning environment for students, teaching and support team.

Álvaro Ortín, CEO of Enzyme Advising Group, comments that “ as parents, our main concerns are to ensure the safety of our children in the school environment and that the course runs as normally as possible. COwin-KIDS facilitates the monitoring of compliance with security measures in schools and also facilitates immediate communication between families and educational centers ”.

COwin-KIDS is a technological information management system relevant to the fight against COVID-19 in educational centers composed of three parts:

A bluetooth pendant for students that allows to anonymously record contacts between peers of less than 1.5m for 15 minutes
A web application for educational centers that enables the management of key information for:
Prevent: evaluating those classrooms where there are more risky contacts to focus on specific preventive measures to reduce their number.
Act : identifying the chain of contacts immediately to implement the previously established action plans.
Communicate: preventive measures to parents and inform of the adopted safety regulations
A mobile app for parents that allows to measure the exposure of students , communicate a positive Covid-19 to the school and evaluate the preventive measures offered by the center.
COwin-KIDS / Photo: La Razón / La Razón
How does COwin-KIDS work?
Each student and employee is assigned a bluetooth pendant that they must wear at all times during their stay in the educational center, and this records the companions with whom they have been continuously close to less than 1.5 meters for 15 minutes.

Those responsible for the educational center can analyze the information on the number of risk contacts to adopt preventive measures, register them in the system and monitor their evolution. In the event that a student is symptomatic, they can immediately know which students have been most exposed to minimize the impact of having to send all students home.

Parents will be able to know the level of exposure of their children with other classmates and the notification system allows them to be informed in real time of individual or collective prevention measures applied by the center.

COwin-KIDS allows the management of schools to make decisions with relevant information that makes every minute count to stop the spread of contagion and maintain as far as possible the planned curriculum and the planned school and extracurricular activities.

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