Amazon’s Echo Auto, are you taking Alexa as your copilot?

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Forget taking your eyes off the road. Alexa comes to the car to be your best co-driver. We tested Echo Auto from Amazon, which works via bluetooth and costs 59.99 euros.
Alexa, now in your car too: Amazon launches Echo Auto in Spain .
Surely many people have longed for his faithful voice assistant when they are behind the wheel. In fact, your skills are especially valuable while driving, as this activity requires mindfulness. Since last June 17, when it began to be sold in Spain, Alexa is also available for the car thanks to Amazon’s Echo Auto .

We have tested this device , for sale on Amazon for 59.99 euros , and this is what we think of it. Are you taking Alexa as your copilot?

General features of the Amazon Echo Auto
Dimensions: 85mm x 47mm x 13.28mm.
Weight: 45 grams.
Microphones: 8.
Connectivity: Bluetooth.
Connector: 3.5mm Jack and Micro USB.
Price: 59.99 euros.
What’s in the box and how to connect the Amazon Echo Auto to your car?
In the box with Amazon’s Echo Auto you will find the device –obviously–, an adapter for the car’s ventilation grille, a car cigarette lighter adapter with two USB ports, an audio cable and a micro USB cable.
There are two options: connect the Amazon Echo Auto via the sound cable or with Bluetooth . Bearing in mind that, at least, we will always have a cable connected –the USB cable–, it is better to connect via Bluetooth and avoid loose cables in the car. All cables include a clamp so they do not move. These are the steps you need to take to get Alexa to work in your car :

The bracket is attached to the ventilation grill.
The Echo Auto is placed on the stand.
Download the Amazon Alexa app – necessary for the Echo Auto to work.
Connect the device’s USB cable to the USB port of the adapter that comes in the box or the one in your car.
Start the car. If you see an orange light, everything is fine and Alexa will greet you.
Add the Echo Auto device in the Alexa app.
Appearance and features of Amazon’s Echo Auto
If you like small and discreet devices, Amazon’s Echo Auto – in that sense at least – will meet your expectations. Once up and running, we can start interacting, but what good is Alexa in the car?

One of its main functions behind the wheel is to play music or the radio. Just ask. If you have an Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify or Deezer account, you have the option of listening to music or podcasts through these platforms, otherwise, free Amazon lists are available . Alexa will tell you the name of the list: ‘the best Spanish pop of the 90s’, and, immediately afterwards, it begins to sound.

Alexa hearing is perfect , it will listen to your requests despite the noise of the traffic or that which may be inside the car caused, for example, by the air conditioning.

In addition, it also allows you to make a phone call, organize your agenda and calendar , set alarms, make shopping or task lists and, obviously, it will be alert to give a full answer to all the questions you ask, just like Alexa does when he’s at home.
Alexa connects via bluetooth.20BITS
Worst of Amazon’s Echo Auto
The best we have already reviewed, and it can be summarized in a few words: it is an almost perfect adaptation for the car of the voice assistant at home . An invaluable help at a time when all your senses have to be on the road.

And while Amazon’s Echo Auto has seemed like a really cool device, it’s not perfect. These are the few negative points that we have found :

Sometimes it does not connect directly when starting the vehicle and connecting the bluetooth.
It is essential to download an app and, therefore, use the mobile data plan that you have contracted.
It shows difficulties when it comes to finding telephones, if, for example, you have several people with the same name in the phonebook, or, under the same name, there is more than one telephone, email address, etc.

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