Amazon reduces one of the best-selling ‘bluetooth’ headphones in its catalog by 40%: only today they cost 18 euros

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n 20Minutos we look for the best offers from Amazon and other stores. Prices and availability may vary after publicaThis Homscam model is the second to top a ranking shared with Xiaomi and Apple.
This is Amazon’s wireless headphone podium: features and prices to decide on one of them
Although there are still those who wear wired headphones, Bluetooth has managed to prevail on the streets. These wearables capable of adapting to the busiest routines, be they work or sports (and even underwater!) , Are meeting the hearing expectations of those who have managed to find the model that best suits their needs, be it in terms of fidelity, autonomy or connectivity they offer. Of course, not all interested parties know what they should attend to to find the perfect gadget . The solution? Trust the most successful users
Taking into account the ranking of Amazon’s best sellers, there are some from Homscam that, in addition to more than 11,000 evaluations and almost five gold stars , stand out for their good value for money. And it is that, only during the next few hours, they have been included in the catalog of Amazon flash offers , being able to buy for just over 18 euros . Do you want to know everything they can offer you?
Four reasons that will convince you
Sound quality assured. If something should matter to us when choosing a good ‘bluetooth’ headset, it is the sound quality they offer. These, with high-quality Hi-Fi, make available to the user three listening modes (mono, stereo and shared) that adapt to the demands of the genres and also of the moment. As expected, they have a noise cancellation system that manages to enhance the musical experience to a professional level.
An enviable autonomy. There are not many helmets that for less than 20 euros offer up to 35 hours of playback, thanks to the portable charging case, which, in four-hour batches and favoring low energy consumption, provides one of the most ambitious autonomies on the market.
The ‘bluetooth’, your great ally. Thanks to the power of its ‘bluetooth’ technology, Homscam headphones are able to pair in a matter of seconds with the device of our choice. Once in action, they can be operated with the multifunction button to play, pause, switch and hang up and answer calls.
And much more … These headphones stand out for offering the user an ergonomic design that adapts to all ear sizes, thanks to the three spare parts included; for having a range of ten meters that allows us to enjoy a stable connection; and, also, because they have a one-year warranty: any factory problems they present are at the brand’s expense.
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n 20Minutos we look for the best offers from Amazon and other stores. Prices and availability may vary after publication.

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