Amazon receives federal approval to launch Prime Air, its drone delivery proposal

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We are excited about Prime Air , a future Amazon delivery system designed to safely ship packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using unmanned aerial vehicles.” This is how Jeff Bezos’ company presents its delivery proposal with drones.

Prime Air, the company says, has “great potential” to improve services already provided to millions of customers by offering “fast package delivery.which will also increase the safety and overall efficiency of the transportation system, “he adds.

Amazon Prime AirThe drones can carry packages of up to 5 pounds -2.3 kg-.Amazon Prime Air
The ecommerce giant just received approval from the United States Federal Aviation Administration -FAA- for Prime Air, a milestone that allows the company to expand unmanned package delivery.

The certification falls under Part 135 of the FAA regulations, which gives Amazon the ability to transport property in small drones “beyond the line of sight” of the operator.

How does Amazon Prime Air work? Customers will be able to choose from thousands of products to use this type of delivery. The product, whose package may not exceed 5 pounds – about 2.3 kg – will be loaded into an autonomous electric drone that with a registered route will carry the order to the customer on its own, guided by GPS and flying about 120 meters from the ground .

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