All the tricks so that nobody knows if you have already read their whatsapp

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In addition to being a long-awaited function, the arrival of widgets on iPhones with iOS 14 could be an additional advantage for those who have one of Apple’s phones: they could read WhatsApp messages without those who sent them seeing the read confirmation. It is one of the many ways to prevent people from knowing if you have read their whatsapp .

The simplest option is to activate the option directly from the application options. It does suppose, of course, a certain balance: if we activate it we will not be able to know if someone has read what we have sent. What WhatsApp gives you, WhatsApp takes away from you; the opposite would be to grant too much power to a person and if the supervillains and the Sith have taught us something, it is that it is too tempting to use it to do evil .

To activate this consensus option, you must enter Settings, select Account, open Privacy and once there, deactivate Read Confirmations . By doing so, these will stop being sent and received except in groups, where it is not possible to prevent those who participate in them from knowing if we have read a message … by legal means .

This is where solutions like the widget come in. These windows show information, controls or, in the case of WhatsApp, almost a miniature version of the app; the technological equivalent of leaning out to see how the game is going from the bar window.

When installed on the home screen it is possible to preview messages (the amount of messages and text depends on the size of the widget) without entering the messaging service. Looking like this, sideways, the app has no read receipt, so it can only know that the text has been delivered, but is unable to know that we have already gossiped.

The way to install widgets depends on the manufacturer of the phone, although the most common is that it is activated by keeping your finger pressed on any part of the home screen where there is no content.

WhatsApp has several of these tools (there is another one with direct access to the camera, for example), but the one we want in this case is the one that occupies four horizontal and two vertical holes; By holding down on it, we can move it to any gap of its size on any home screen and after ‘parking it’ it will begin to share with us its secrets (or, rather, those of our contacts).

In this sense, there is a method twice as simple and half as practical, which is to read directly by sliding from the notification bar at the top of the screen. Its space is limited, so less important messages will have to be discarded to make room for those we want to read from a distance. In return, it allows you to undo the evil and mark the message as read.

Anyway, the simplest, most effective and complete method so that nobody knows that we have read your WhatsApp messages, beyond activating the application’s own option is to activate airplane mode (or manually disconnect the network connection and the Wifi).

When entering this mode, the phone loses all its ability to communicate with the WhatsApp servers. The most obvious consequence is that new messages will stop arriving and the downloads and uploads that we are making will be interrupted; the most ninja consequence is that we will be invisible to the application.

Moreover, if we do not want to deactivate the networks on the phone for whatever reason, invisibility can also be applied in WhatsApp Web: when leaving the computer without access to the network, it will continue to show the last messages received and no one will know that we have read them . Except, of course, our conscience.

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