‘Alexagate’: a plugin for Amazon Echo that prevents Alexa from listening to you

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Using pulsed ultrasound it blocks the Echo microphone. Turns on and off with three claps or finger snaps
Alexa suffers critical bugs that allow access to personal information and banking history.


They watch over us. How many times have we said that phrase after, for example, after consulting a furniture page we only see advertising for that sector. There are many books and articles that deal with this control to which, in theory, we are subjected. One of the systems is the continuous listening of devices like Alexa . That’s what Alexagate comes for.

Created by mschf , it is, as defined on the official website itself, “a hat that is placed on top of the Amazon Echo in your home and blocks the microphone . ” That is, a plugin that prevents Alexa from listening to you.

Alexagate disables the Echo’s microphone using pulsed ultrasound. The operation is very simple: after placing it on your Amazon Echo, you only have to clap three times – or touch Alexagate three times – and it will turn off so you can talk normally with your Alexa. When you want it to work again, clap your hands again three times – or tap three times – and your conversations will be private again.

They say on the official site that, with the device activated, Alexa was only able to register the voices if it was shouted with great intensity from 15 centimeters away.

Compatible models with Alexagate

The Echo models that are compatible with this plug-in that prevents Alexa from listening to you are 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Echo Dot , 2nd generation Echo Plus, and 1st and 3rd generation Echo.

Alexagate does not interfere at all with the operation when it comes to emitting Alexa sounds. That is, there is no problem listening to music, even if the plugin is activated . Of course, they recommend turning it off if you plan to listen to music for a long period of time.
What to do if Alexagate doesn’t recognize your clapping?
If you have problems starting the device that makes Alexa deaf, you have two options: one is to adjust the sensitivity of Alexagate between the three possible settings it offers , depending on whether the claps are louder or softer.

Another option is to try different forms of clapping – as a general rule, high-pitched and not overly resonant claps work best. In case of not achieving it, the snaps of fingers also usually attract the attention of this plugin.

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