Alberto Chicote’s easy homemade donut recipe that triumphs on Instagram

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The donuts are part of the dessert typical in Spain and are undoubtedly the sweet typical of San Isidro. There are many ways to make them, changing the liquor or flavoring, but the recipe that is succeeding the most on Instagram is that of the famous Spanish chef Alberto Chicote .

The star chef of the Nightmare in the Kitchen program shared with his followers on social networks a homemade donut recipe that is made in simple steps.

Ingredients of Alberto Chicote’s homemade donuts
-Two whole eggs

-Oranges half skin

-Two double Armisen envelopes. (The old sodas) or half Royal yeast envelope.

-100 grams of sugar

-50 grams of dry anise, or whatever liquor you want to add. Better not too sweet.

-25 grams of butter at room temperature.

-90 grams of extra virgin olive oil

-450 grams of flour.

-Oil for frying and icing sugar to put on top

This is how homemade donuts are made
The donut making process consists of five steps . The first one consists of putting the oil on the fire with the orange peels (or whatever you choose) and heating gently until the peels are lightly golden brown. Then the fire is extinguished and it is allowed to warm up.

The eggs are then beaten until they are white . Add the sugar, the armisen envelopes, the liquor and the butter, and beat everything until the mixture is foamy. The next thing to do is add the flavored oil without the peels and mix the whole mixture again.

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