Adif installs cameras at the Atocha and Sants stations to take the temperature of passengers due to covid-19

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Adif High Speed ​​has set up thermographic cameras to control the surface temperature and the correct use of masks at the entrances to the departure lounges of the Madrid Puerta de Atocha and Barcelona Sants stations, as La Razón announced . As reported by Adif, so far, the cameras have been operating in test mode and the necessary adjustments have been made to achieve optimal results in the operation of the equipment and facilities.

With the implementation of this technology, Adif intends to reduce the risk that anyone with excess surface temperature, as a possible symptom of covid-19, or who does not wear a mask or wears it incorrectly, may access the departure lounge and later to the train. The control of the surface temperature and the correct use of the mask is aimed at both travelers and personnel from Adif, Adif High Speed, railway companies, contractors and commercial companies who access the departure lounges of both stations at any time.

This measure is in addition to those already adopted in Madrid Puerta de Atocha and Barcelona Sants for the prevention and control of coronavirus, such as hydrogel dispensing machines that are activated without contact, itineraries marked with green dates on the ground to distribute the movement of travelers, as well as the installation of informative posters.

The action procedure includes a first automatic surface temperature taking with a fixed camera that is carried out with the person moving in the queue to access the boarding hall. The threshold temperature has been set to be 37.5 degrees , so if that temperature or higher is detected, an alarm is triggered. In this case, the detected person will be asked to go to an area authorized for this purpose where the security guard who attends this service will take a new surface temperature with a portable camera.

If it meets or exceeds the threshold again, it will rest 10 minutes to try that, if that excess surface temperature may be due to having been exposed to a high ambient temperature or having arrived with a start, it can be given the opportunity to reduce that value. After the 10-minute rest, a third measurement will be made with the fixed chamber and, if the threshold temperature is equalized or exceeded again, the measurement will be repeated with the portable chamber.

If the four measurements equal or exceed the threshold temperature, the person will be informed that they will not be able to access the departure lounge and the health services will be notified , which will examine the person with possible symptoms and determine whether or not they can start the trip. , in which case you will be allowed access to the departure lounge, or sanitary measures will be applied, which may include transfer to a hospital.

Regarding the procedure to guarantee the correct use of the mask, in the event that a person who wants to access the boarding hall was without a mask or was wearing it incorrectly placed, they will be stopped and the obligation to wear it correctly placed to access will be indicated. If you do not have a mask or are not wearing it correctly, you will not be able to access. On the other hand, it is recommended that users, to facilitate the application of these new measures, go to these stations well in advance.

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