Adele One Night Only’ special: Highlights from the Oprah interview Live

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Adele had the world in tears when she performed her hit song “Someone Like You” on Oprah’s show. Now, fans can relive the amazing moment with this new video of highlights from Adele’s interview with Oprah after the performance. The two talk about everything from motherhood to love and break down some of Adele’s most powerful lyrics. It is an emotional ride for anyone who has ever loved someone or been loved by them back. 

This article will highlight what happened during Adele’s one night only special that aired on ABC earlier this week. People want to know more about how it went so they look at articles like these which give them just that! This article will be engaging because it discusses topics people are interested in such.

I’m not kidding when I say that it is worth your time. If you are an Adele fan, or even if you just like watching live performances of music artists, there’s no doubt that the recent Oprah interview with Adele will leave you in awe. This isn’t any typical sit-down interview; this is a full hour and half long special on how amazing she is as a person and what makes her tick. It’s truly captivating to watch her talk about life and love through song, but it also gives us fans insight into who she really is as a person. There are so many great moments from the show which include touching stories about her son Angelo, meeting Beyonce for the first time after winning album of the year at