Adamo revolutionizes the fiber optic and mobile telephony sector with its new adapted tariffs

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That is precisely why Adamo has decided to hit the table. This company, which has been bringing the highest speed fiber optics across the country since 2007, is coming stronger than ever in September. They have changed the rules of the game offering rates full of options . Here you do not adapt to what they give you, they adapt to you with sensational elasticity, with Internet offers that you will not find elsewhere.

Adamo rates break the rules of the telephone and Internet sector
The operator is stomping. Taking advantage of the return to school, they have launched a campaign with huge sales and discounts on their services and star packs. And for a sample, a button. Now you can hire a mobile line with 20 GB per month to navigate at maximum speed, along with 1,000 Mbps fiber optics for the home, for only 8 euros per month until the end of the year. No installation charge, and with the line fee and VAT included, it is a great offer that shows what they are able to offer in prices.

But we have talked about their elasticity when it comes to shaping the products and services they put on the table, and for this we are going to take a look at the rates available to them. This company, which is gradually opening a huge path throughout Spain, has been emerging for months for its Fiberhood campaign to connect the most isolated homes, and now it wants to stay with us through prices and services that are difficult to match both for quality as per variety.

Ultra-low prices with speeds for the most demanding
All new customers who contract any of the packs that Adamo offers between the end of August and the end of September, may find interesting surprises. The company is leading a most aggressive campaign, offering discounts of 50% on Internet-only rates and fixed-line Internet rates, 77% in the case of Internet rates with mobile landlines, and up to 88% on Internet rates. mobile.

Temporary promotions, which include the reduction during the 4 months after hiring and which are accompanied by such interesting proposals as the SuperFast Fiber , which offers the highest fiber optic speed that can currently be found in the domestic market: a bandwidth up to 1,000 Mbps , or 1 Gbps, as you prefer. In addition to that, they have also added the possibility of contracting mobile rates with up to 40 GB to navigate, in addition to additional lines.

Even with these strong promotions, the company continues to maintain a very varied range of solutions , aimed above all at giving consumers options. Each product category that they have, whether they are fiber rates with landline and mobile, fiber with landline, fiber with mobile or just fiber, in turn offers a huge number of variants so that each household and each person can choose what is most suitable. suit your needs and, above all, your pockets.

Pockets are always an important aspect, especially when paying for a service. The good thing about Adamo, in that sense, in addition to the very competitive prices they have, is that both the installation and the line registration are completely free. In addition to that, all the rates shown on their website have the line fee and VAT included . Here there are no unpleasant surprises with those percentages that companies sometimes “forget”.

Elastic rates
Elasticity is the word that best defines what Adamo rates do. Hiring, for example, a fiber pack with fixed and mobile opens up two possibilities for you: opting for 100 Mb or 1,000 Mb fiber. After that, each of these two variants in turn offers a total of 4 different rates, determining both the prices and the number of gigabytes to navigate on the mobile phone, in addition to having completely free calls.

The same is also true for the other options. Consumers who prefer to contract a fiber and fixed, fiber and mobile or fiber-only rate, will find that, in each of them, they have a total of 8 different options at their disposal . The company has built a huge fan base to help its customers , and it succeeds.

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