A student misprint causes a huge 200-story skyscraper to appear in Microsoft Flight Simulator

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The error has affected the players flying over the Australian city of Melbourne.
A mistake made by a young Australian student when saving the data in an open source map database has been responsible for the appearance in the flight simulation video game Microsoft Flight Simulator of a huge skyscraper of more than 200 floors that does not exists in reality.

The new Microsoft Flight Simulator video game, launched this week , has been equipped with more than 1.5 billion buildings, two billion trees, mountains, roads and rivers to recreate the landscapes in detail, as well as dynamic atomespheric weather with changes in real time.

This video game has been created from two petabytes of satellite image data to reproduce the entire planet from the air, as well as data from Bing Maps and other sources including collaborative mapping platforms.

The use of one of these tools, Open Street Maps, has generated a bug that has affected players flying over the Australian city of Melbourne: an extremely slimline, 212-story skyscraper located in the middle of the low-rise suburb of Faukner.

This is not a real building, but rather the cause of a misprint in the information in one of the versions of Open Street Maps used by the game to render residential buildings in 3D.a

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