A “smartphone” is able to tell you if you have been drinking and you should not drive

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The ” smartphone ” has become an essential tool for a large part of society. Thanks to its use, a user can control their social, family and work life. You can also use it to lead a healthier life, thanks to the proliferation of “apps” that help improve your lifestyle, and, soon, to control what you drink.

According to a joint study by Stanford University and Pittsburgh University (both located in the United States), they have discovered that accelerometers , integrated in many smartphones, are capable of identifying the steps of a person who has drunk more alcohol than the account and therefore should not drive.

“It could be used by people who want to receive an alert when they show signs of deterioration,” says in statements collected by ” New Sciencist ” Brian Suffoletto, a researcher at Stanford University. It also highlights that according to previous studies, 50 percent of the time people do not realize that they have drunk too much when they are drunk: “This system would allow to alert someone who does not recognize the situation and prevent them from driving their car” .

To carry out the research, Suffoletto and his colleagues enlisted 22 volunteers . Each of them had to consume a drink made with vodka capable of generating a concentration of alcohol in the breath of 0.2 percent . An amount that is well above what is allowed in the United States, which is 0.08 percent in case the driver is over 21 years old.

After consuming the drink, the volunteers tied a “smartphone” to their lower backs. The researchers began testing their breath once an hour for seven hours, and they were made to walk in a straight line 10 steps forward and 10 steps back to measure their sway as they walked.

According to the team in charge of the study, the accelerometer integrated in the devices was able to capture, with 92.5 percent accuracy, when a person had a blood alcohol level greater than 0.08 percent, and, for Therefore, it exceeded the amount allowed to drive. It remains to be studied, however, if the technique used is effective in the event that the terminals are located in another area that is not the back, such as the pockets or the user’s hand .

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