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A Novosibirsk schoolboy has proposed a project of boots for those who like to catch Pokemon with a smartphone charger for implementation, the press service of Novosibirsk State University reported on Wednesday.
NOVOSIBIRSK, 10 Aug – RIA Novosti. A schoolboy from Novosibirsk proposed for implementation a project of boots for those who like to catch Pokemon with a smartphone charger, the press service of Novosibirsk State University (NSU) reported on Wednesday.

Pokemon Go players in Ilyinsky Square in Moscow. Archive photo
August 3, 2016, 14:57
The director of the company in Tatarstan announced the vacancy of the Pokemon hunter
Among the specified requirements for applicants is the 20th and higher level of a personal account in the game.

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The university explained that an annual competition of projects was held at the Specialized Educational and Scientific Center (SSCC, the former physics and mathematics school) at the university, where students were asked to solve a real problem using fantastic means; at the same time, authors in their projects should not go beyond scientific knowledge.

“This year, a student of Lyceum No. 13 from Krasnoobsk, Ivan Boychuk, proposed a project that, although it did not receive high marks from the jury, attracted attention by its relevance. The name of his project TufleES means” shoes-power plant, “the press service reported.

The schoolboy said that his project looks like an ordinary shoe, to the sole of which are attached springs made of durable and lightweight duralumin metal. Piezoelectric substances are attached to the springs, which, when deformed, generate electrical energy. The conductors are retracted from them and go up the leg. Thus, according to the idea of ​​a student, a person can generate energy during normal walking and use it to charge his smartphone.

“Why are these shoes very relevant? Yes, because the recently released Pokemon GO game, which makes people walk,” – the press service quotes the student’s words. In the future, in his opinion, such boots will be relevant, since the minimum energy will be required to charge the phones. Thus, people will not be able to sit at home, but generate energy on a regular run, he is convinced.

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The organizers of the competition noted that for the implementation of projects it is necessary to have a more rigorous scientific basis, which children do not yet know due to their age, but in the future they can become innovators in their proposed fields.

Pokemon Go players near Sydney Opera House, Australia
8 August 2016, 15:01
Pokemon Go has brought creators over $ 200 million in a month since its release
The Pokemon Go mobile app grossed over $ 200 million in its first month of release, according to a study by analyst firm Sensor Tower.

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Pokemon GO is a free application based on “augmented reality” technology – the digital and real worlds are connected, as the picture displayed on the smartphone screen is projected onto the location of the real world. One of the main goals of the game – to catch a Pokemon (Pocket Monster – “pocket monster”) – forced many people to take to the streets, parks, beaches, completely absorbed in this process.

At the same time, experts warned that the game could lead to injury or robbery in the real world. Russian banks even offered to insure against injuries during the game. In addition, one of the veterans of the Russian special services did not rule out that the application could be used for espionage. Assistant to the Russian Prime Minister Gennady Onishchenko expressed concern that the game could seriously affect the psyche.

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