A new concept of ‘shopping’: 100 million consumers will make their purchases in augmented reality in 2020

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Today’s phones incorporate chips capable of accelerating augmented reality applications, which can change shopping experiences.Freepik
The current health crisis and the fact of having limitations to have real experiences may be causing an acceleration of those systems, tools or platforms that allow alternative experiences to be lived at a distance or without physical contact .

But when it is the big technology companies that launch this type of environment, what is behind it? Are they free and altruistic apps to help us face the problems derived from this crisis? Or do they use users as a sociological experiment?

Shoploop is “a fun new way to shop online,” claim its creators.
Shoploop, the new Google app that wants you to buy online with videos
Google has recently launched Shoploop, a kind of social network / ecommerce / experience in which we are offered to see in a person how a product looks -in this case beauty products- or share how it looks to us, also creating a system of recommendations and encouraging the purchase.

Is this a good idea? “There are many good ideas, the question is whether it is a good business. My opinion is that they are not really inventing anything new, for years there have been platforms that allow activating the purchase from the content , Instagram without going any further did it in 2018 ”, explains Rodrigo de Agustín, Digital Strategy Manager at Hiberus Tecnología .

However, the expert continues, it can be understood that it is “a niche tactic” to “be” in an interaction format in which Google cannot be left out.

Choosing beauty products was by no means a coincidence: in this sector there are brands willing to try new things and users have a high level of interaction . “ Cameras are the new virtual mirrors , aesthetics are visual and easy to express in short video format and their purchases are impulsive, everyone is willing to try makeup items , probably much more than with items of greater value or involvement “, says the expert in digital strategy.

“It is very difficult to know what a company like Google, which no less than the world market for smartphone software in number of devices , is really testing with these test benches … perhaps it is not what it seems and has more to do with it. with the underlying technology they are developing, or with the integration of interactive shopping experiences with its recent turn towards being a ‘ marketplace search engine ‘, now that it will offer, for free, product results among its organic results ”, he adds.

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