31M 5’11” Sw 220lbs CW 179. Very pleased this morning : loseit

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Started cycling a lot during lockdown at the end of March, as it was all there was to do. Started counting calories alongside, and I’m very pleased to have lost 40lbs as of today, in a little over four months.

I’ve got as far as 52 miles on my bike rides, between 2-5 times a week, and I’m a convert now.

I haven’t had to be too draconian with calorie deficit, as the uptick in exercise and the sheer number I was eating beforehand have made it fairly easy.

I also dipped into average body fat % as well, which is smashing. Still got a spare tire and residual man boobs, but I hope another ten lbs will help shift that. I dread the prospect of having to do weight exercise to get rid of it as I loath it, but needs must.

Just wanted to share my cheer, and to encourage others that it can be done!


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